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    Ministry of Finance: China MFN rates remain unchan

       14 Ministry of Finance announced that China MFN rates in 2011 will remain unchanged, the total number of import and export tariff of 7,923 from 2010 to 7,977 two months.
        December 14, according to Xinhua News Agency reported that 14 Chinese Ministry of Finance announced that China's accession to the WTO tariff reduction commitments to fulfill all of 2010 was completed in 2011 MFN rates will remain unchanged.
        Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council for consideration and report to the State Council, Ministry of Finance from 1 January 2011, the rate of import and export tariff lines were part of the adjustment, and the total number of import tariff by the year 2010 to 7,977 a 7,923 a .
         Ministry of Finance stressed that maintaining the same next year, based on MFN rates, China will continue next year, 7 kinds of wheat and other agricultural products and 3 urea fertilizer tariff quota administration, and urea fertilizer 3 1% of the provisional implementation of the quota tax rate. Tariff quota on imports of cotton, the implementation of a number of sliding tax rate will remain unchanged. Continue the implementation of frozen chickens and other 55 kinds of products, from the amount of tax or compound duties, which, adjusted a small amount of goods from the amount of tax payable.
        Ministry of Finance said that the end of every year, the import and export tariff adjustments for next year, because last year have all been completed to fulfill its WTO commitments, so this year, tariff rate tariff adjustment is not large, but because of last year, new free trade agreements or tariff preferences agreements more, so as to expand bilateral and multilateral trade and economic cooperation next year, more countries will be lower than the MFN rate agreement rate.
         Ministry of Finance introduced in 2011, China will be based on the relevant country or region with the signing of free trade agreements or tariff preference agreements, originating from ASEAN countries, Chile, Pakistan, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other parts of the country imports MFN tariff rates lower than the implementation of the agreement rate.
         Meanwhile, the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement framework, originating in Hong Kong and Macao origin and has developed standard products offer zero tariff. Cross-strait economic cooperation under the Framework Agreement on Trade in Goods Early Harvest Programme, since 2011, originating in Taiwan, more than 500 commodities Early Harvest Agreement rates. At the same time, continue originating in Laos, Sudan, Yemen, the least developed countries, 41 the implementation of preferential tax rates of some products.
        The current development of China's resources and environmental pressures facing the just concluded Central Economic Work Conference focuses on accelerating transformation of economic development throughout the next year will be the main line of economic development. Reporter learned from the Ministry of Finance next year tariff adjustment has also highlighted the "promotion of economic restructuring, strengthening energy saving and environmental protection," the regulation of intent.

        Ministry of Finance introduced in 2011, 600 kinds of resources of China will, based on raw materials and key components imported products, the implementation of the provisional tax year low. Among them, the first implementation of the provisional tax year, including imports of propane, butane and other resource commodities, fatty acid, polyimide film, titanium and other basic raw materials with products, high-definition camera, LCD projector with a polarizer, an electronic parking braking systems and other key components.
        According to the domestic production capacity, technical level, changes in supply and demand, China will increase or cancel the carbon fiber yarn, ion-exchange membrane, passenger car turbocharger annual imports of commodities such as provisional tax.

        In addition, China will continue to 2011, in the form of provisional tax rates on coal, crude oil, fertilizers, nonferrous metals and other "two-high" products export tariffs. In order to regulate the export of rare earth fertilizer prices and ease the upward trend, China has raised export tariffs for individual rare earth products, and appropriate adjustments to the fertilizer export season seasonal tariff rates for time and off-season base price of export tariffs to protect domestic fertilizer demand next year spring.
        Ministry of Finance also noted that in order to adapt to technological progress, industrial structure adjustment and changes in the structure of foreign trade to further strengthen management of foreign trade, in line with the World Customs Organization, the principles of the relevant projects under the premise of the column, the Chinese will be added next year, chromium zirconium copper, grating measuring device, tin dioxide, APCP, grain drills and other taxable items. Adjustment, the total number of China's 2011 import tariff will be 7,923 in 2010 to 7,977 two months.

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